Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to blogger! Uh, wait, shouldn't I be introducing myself?

thisisby.us was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed blogging there as it was a truly wonderful community of writers, but since it has gone away, I wanted a place to keep all of my writing, and I wanted to have ultimate control over it. I began writing my own blogging software, but as I've been having some technical difficulties with that, I thought it would be better, for now, just to get my writing back out there.

One reason I began my blog at thisisby.us was to showcase my writing ability because I have some hopes of making a career out of writing, and I can say I was very proud of most of the pieces I wrote there. Sometimes, I was disappointed at the number of views my writing received given how hard I worked at putting some of those pieces together. Sometimes, I was delighted with the responses I received, most of which were very well thought out.

My intent is to migrate most of that work over here, and let a new group of readers discover what I have written, and hopefully, I contribute something that is worthwhile for people to read and ponder and respond to. If you agree that I have written something worthwhile, whether you agree or disagree with what I have written, I'd love to have you comment on my blog. In fact, I would be honored if you chose to do so.

Some of the topics I have chosen to write about, and likely will occasionally continue to write about, are adult-oriented in nature. I will not post those writings and musings here on this blog. Instead, I will post them here to remain within blogger's Terms of Service.

I do not promise to write consistently, but I do promise to write whatever and whenever the writing muse strikes me. I hope you will enjoy reading what I put together. If you do, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. It looks like most of the old TIBUers are starting their own blogs and that is probably a good thing.
    Check out mine at:


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